PGI makes its risk portal available free to shipping industry

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SecurityGlobal security specialist Protection Group International (PGI) is to provide its specialist risk analysis service – PGI Risk Portal – free to the international maritime industry, the company announced this week during London International Shipping Week (LISW15).

From this week the online PGI Risk Portal, a sophisticated geopolitical analysis tool, will be accessible to visitors to the website

The Risk Portal provides maritime companies with daily intelligence information, country risk assessments and analytical insights to keep them informed of any pirate activity, security issues or political risks that could negatively impact their business and operations or threaten their crew’s safety.

Benefits of the Risk Portal include daily incident feeds, covering maritime, port and onshore events, tailored to the user’s specialised requirements; country-specific maritime risk profiles; mapping of maritime incidents to enable more informed route planning; in-depth analysis of regional trends affecting the maritime sector; charting of maritime incidents to provide statistics, and comparison information between countries; onshore security monitoring.

Tom Bacon, Head of Risk Analysis for PGI , said: “In today’s global climate, international shipping companies have to be aware of a wide range of potential threats including terrorism, piracy, armed robbery, political instability and disruption in order to make sure their vessels and crew can safely go about their business transporting ninety per cent of world trade.

“We believe that the information available through our PGI Risk Portal plays a vital part in quality risk management and business continuity planning and can help maritime companies to avoid high risk areas and protect their staff. For this reason we are happy to make our service available to the wider shipping community and to share the benefits of our comprehensive security research and worldwide knowledge.”