Parties expand cooperation in developing a new generation of feeder container carriers


ABSProvider of classification services to the global marine and offshore industry ABS has signed a Design Development Agreement to develop a new generation of fender container ships.
ABS has signed the deal with Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute  (SDARI).
ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Howard Fireman and SDARI President Jintao Hu, signed the agreement at SDARI on 3rd December in Shanghai, China.
Dr Christina Wang, Vice President of ABS Operational and Environmental Performance (OEP), Dr. Franck Violette, Director of ABS OEP China, and Gangyi Wang, Vice President of SDARI also attended the signing ceremony.
ABS Senior Vice-President Mr Fireman said: “Changing environmental regulations, unpredictable energy prices and volatile freight rates have made it imperative for ship designers to continuously improve the operational and environmental performance of their next generation designs. ABS is working with industry as designs change and new concepts are introduced.”
The objective of this project is to develop the next generation feeder design with a focus on operational efficiency and flexibility. It is aimed to bring together innovative design and technology solutions with a novel concept that incorporates technology-readiness features to enable cost-effective implementation of present and future regulations by applying extensive life-cycle cost analyses.
SDARI President Jinato Hu “SDARI has always promoted ship innovation and technology development. At this crucial moment when China is transforming from shipbuilding nation to a shipbuilding power, the collaboration that we have strengthened with ABS in container carriers positions us to generate new concepts based on market demand and to launch cutting-edge products. I believe the development of this new generation of feeder container carriers will further strengthen the partnership between SDARI and ABS, promoting the transformation and upgrading of Chinese shipbuilding industry.”