Pappadakis predicts push towards bulker quality

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The drive in the dry bulk markets will be a flight towards quality with chartering interests increasingly demanding better and higher quality shipping services, according to dry bulk owners association Intercargo.

In his annual Chairman’s report Nicky Pappadakis noted that while the port state control record of the dry bulk sector deteriorated over the last 12 months, vessels operated by Intercargo members had a lower deficiencies per inspection rating of 1.74 in 2007 than the year earlier whereas non-Intercargo entered vessels deteriorated to 2.89.

“But even as Intercargo, we must continue to make every possible effort to work together to strive for the ‘safe, efficient and environmentally friendly’ dry bulk sector that my predecessor Fred Tsao, so admirably coined.

“To do this, our Work Programme has been carefully honed in the last two days to reflect both the short and long-term issues affecting our member’s concerns,” he said.

Mr Pappadakis added: “But perhaps we should also seek to inform the outside world that ‘polluting ships and uncaring shipowners’ is an image that has – for some time – had no place in the strategic vision of Intercargo and its Round Table partners. Exactly how we will achieve some of these extremely challenging goals will occupy our committees for some time to come but both our Technical and Executive Committees have renewed their pledges towards global solutions which result in a net environmental benefit for just about everyone in society who directly or indirectly benefit from the economic effects of shipping – the greenest form of transport there is.”