Panama’s world-leading Shipping Registry and vital Panama Canal artery showcased at Posidonia


The official opening of the National Pavilion of Panama at this week’s Posidonia attended by Greek Deputy Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Mr. Ioannis Pappas (pictured, right), international organisation officials and global maritime leaders.

The Panama Pavilion is a joint national effort of the Export and Investment Promotion Authority (PROPANAMA), the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP) and the Embassy of Panama in Greece, accompanied by over 60 members of Panama’s Maritime Chamber.

The Panamanian delegation aims to highlight Panama’s competitive advantages for investment in the maritime sector, along with the excellent nearshoring, shipping, freight transport, and diverse services that Panama’s maritime and logistics community has to offer.

Η.Ε. Mrs. Julie Lymberopulos (pictured, centre), Ambassador of Panama in Greece, said: “Our involvement in Posidonia 2024 is a testament to Panama’s enduring commitment to the maritime sector. As the world’s largest Shipping Registry, Panama is proud to support and contribute to the advancement of international shipping. This event not only highlights the impressive achievements of the Greek fleet but also underscores the collaborative spirit that drives the maritime industry forward.”

Mrs. Ilya Espino de Marotta, Panama Canal Deputy Administrator, said: “In Posidonia 2024 we want to showcase how the Panama Canal secures reliability for the future. Everybody has heard about the very dry year we had, the very big drought, but now we are back to 32 transits per day, effective June 1st, hoping to get to 34 in July.

“We are also showcasing the different initiatives we take in order to be able to maintain shipping activities in an efficient manner. As a big organization we want to impact the maritime industry, so we just finished our greenhouse inventory and we are going to set some targets in order to help the decarbonization of shipping”.