Panama presents candidature for IMO Secretary-General


With current IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim beginning the final year of his second term in office, the Republic of Panama through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) has presented the candidature of Arsenio Dominguez to succeed him as head of the International Maritime Organization.


Mr Dominguez, is the first Panamanian and Latin American candidate for this position. A naval architect, he has been an alternate representative of Panama at the IMO from 2004 to 2014 when he was designated Panama’s Ambassador to the IMO and president of the MEPC until 2017 when he joined the International Maritime Organization as the Chief of Staff, later Administrative Division Director and to date Marine Environment Director.


Arsenio Dominguez’ campaign “Taking the lead, for a united and better future” aims at serving IMO “by putting people and the planet first.”


His dedication to the Organization is well known and he sees it as an “opportunity to capitalise” for the greater good for all and “will launch a new era for IMO, where we are seen as a source of ingenuity, the creators of productive resolutions and as a rewarding workplace where the best talent thrives.


“I believe that the IMO has incredible potential that extends beyond shipping, to the society. That’s why I am committed to fulfilling my mission and vision.”


Panama is proud to support Mr Dominguez’s mission and vision, that “we share as a country,” said Noriel Arauz, Panama Maritime Authority Administrator and Minister of Maritime Affairs. “We have and will always stand by the IMO and its work in benefit of shipping, the welfare of seafarers and the environment.”