Pacific Basin launches Ocean Technologies Learning Platform

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Pacific Basin Shipping, one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipping companies, has signed an agreement with the Ocean Technologies Group to implement its recently launched Ocean Learning Platform.

Pacific Basin says it continues to implement the latest in learning solutions for its approximately 4,600 seafarers, allowing crews to access interactive training to be able to conduct their work in the safest and most efficient ways possible, while the company gains further insight on seafarer development through sophisticated reporting.

Martin Fruergaard, CEO of Pacific Basin, said: ‘‘The shipping industry will continue to evolve, as will the demands on our seafarers. For us to continue to deliver to our customers the highest level of service and safety, we want to ensure that our seafarers and shore-based personnel are up to date with the latest industry learnings.’’

‘’Pacific Basin will always strive to enhance our safety-first culture, and we hope that this learning system will enrich interaction and engagement and help to deliver the best learning outcomes.’’

The learning system will allow crews to conduct training on or offline, reduce onboard administrative workload through an Automatic Data Exchange which automates crew sign-on/off and training record synchronisation, as well as delivering more relevant company communication.
Rishi Mehra, Marine & Safety Manager at Pacific Basin, commented: “With advances in new training technology, we can continue to increase the effectiveness of our in-house training material, as well as benefit from the 800+ training titles available from the Ocean Learning Library. The health and safety of our seafarers is our main concern, and through this system we can tailor specific training, while monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the learning platform to each seafarer.’’

Manish Singh CEO of Ocean Technologies Group, commented, “We are delighted that Pacific Basin has chosen to implement our award-winning learning platform. We are very proud that such a leading owner operator has put their faith in us to help them deliver on their safety and sustainability goals.

“Crews today need access to more just-in-time learning than ever before. We believe this will enable their crew and shore-based teams to work and learn more effectively and reach even higher levels of performance.”