Oxberry Risk Strategies releases Gulf of Guinea intelligence and security report

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London based maritime security specialist, Oxberry Risk Strategies has announced the release of Gulf of Guinea: Beyond Intelligence, a specialist report on security and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea which provides an overview of the security situation and evolving piracy threat in the region but is also the first to give readers a detailed insight into how pirates in West Africa are utilising intelligence to target commercial vessels.

This special report provides ship owners, managers and charterers with information on how to best protect their vessels and crew against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. The emphasis is on enabling the reader to consider their options and gain a greater insight into why and how intelligence is being utilised by the criminal gangs that predominantly carry out these attacks.

Operations Director, Darren Nixon, said: “Gulf of Guinea: Beyond Intelligence is an in-depth advisory report specifically designed to provide vessel operators with a unique insight into how intelligence is being used by pirates to target vessels in the Gulf of Guinea.

“There is plenty of open source intelligence focused on the Gulf of Guinea, however there is limited information available that actually addresses how intelligence is being used by the pirates, what owners and operators can do to improve information assurance or what physical security options are available to them.

“We felt that there is a distinct lack of detailed information that enables vessel owners and operators to make a more informed decision when it comes to the security of their vessels and crew operating in the region.”

Gulf of Guinea: Beyond Intelligence aims to take you into the mind of the pirates and provides a clear demonstration of how they build up their intelligence in order to target vessels. The report also highlights areas which are unique to the region and how certain vital security procedures and countermeasures differ hugely from those currently employed when operating off the Horn of Africa.

James Bellamy Commercial Director, Oxberry Risk Strategies, added: For many CSO’s and DPA’s, maritime intelligence is normally interpreted as being something they might receive from a recognised maritime source, however these sources often simply just identify a problem. In this specialist report we cover new and difficult to access information and intelligence and provide advice that will enable Masters and crew to put into practice some new techniques and procedures that will assist in significantly reducing risk.

To request a copy of the report contact: enquiries@oxberryrisk.com