OW Bunker launches new global quality control standard

Jan Christensen, Vice President, Physical Division, OW Bunker
Jan Christensen, Vice President, Physical Division, OW Bunker

OW Bunker, the worldwide supplier of marine fuels and lubricants, has announced the launch of a new global standard to ensure the quality of products supplied by its physical division.

The move is part of its strategy to drive annual global claims below 1%, an unprecedented figure in the bunker industry.

Customers will now be provided with a specification analysis on a minimum of 90% of all physical product orders, delivered prior to the usual testing procedures conducted by an external fuel oil analysis provider. This ensures total rigour in the fuel oil testing process and guarantees that customers receive the best quality products.

Announcing the initiative, Jan Christensen, Vice President, Physical Division, OW Bunker, said: “Fuel quality is critically important to our customers, particularly as regulations become more stringent. Our new global standard on pre-testing analysis provides customers with confidence in our products and our quality control processes.”

 “Claims are expensive for all parties and something that ship owners can ill-afford in the current economic environment. Pre-testing analysis reduces unnecessary claims and saves customers’ money. Through this and other quality control measures, OW Bunker is striving to achieve an industry-leading goal of less than 1% claims.”

 This is the first of a series of global standards that are being introduced to the market by OW Bunker’s physical division. Further standards will be launched over the next six months.