Overwhelming support for The Swedish Club’s Marine Insurance Seminar Asia


The Swedish Club’s Hong Kong and Singapore regional offices joined forces last week to deliver a unique learning experience to more than 140 of the Club’s members and brokers. The Swedish Club’s seventh Marine Insurance Seminar (MIS), hosted in Zhuhai, China, attracted delegates from more than 15 countries – not only those served by the offices, such as China, Singapore, India and South Korea – but also from as far afield as the USA.

The seminar is distinct to The Swedish Club, offering participants a blend of learning, networking and insights into today’s marine insurance environment. Running for four days it attracts professionals looking for the latest industry insights, senior executives new to insurance and needing a window into the business, and novices to shipping itself, requiring a solid grounding in the basics.

Thomas Nordberg (pictured), Managing Director of The Swedish Club met with members and brokers in Zhuhai. He says: “During the seminar we were delighted to hear that for many delegates the Club’s MIS Asia is the most important insurance event in China, providing them with a welcome opportunity to learn new things and to meet new people.

“The Asian markets are very important to us, and we were overwhelmed by the quality and number of attendees. This was the first MIS since COVID, the first MIS with Lars A. Malm in post as Managing Director and Area Manager for the Hong Kong regional office, and the first MIS organised jointly between the Club’s office in Hong Kong and our new office in Singapore, which was established a year ago. We owe a debt of gratitude to Ruizong Wang, Chairman of The Swedish Club Hong Kong, who first developed the seminar programme in 2004.”

Expert speakers from the Club were joined by Mauricio Garrido from T&T Salvage, Peter Murphy from HFW Hong Kong, James Blythe from CWA Singapore, and Mervyn Chen from Wintell & Co. Shanghai.

Opening the event in both Mandarin and English, Lars A. Malm thanked audience members for their participation and commitment. He thanked members and brokers for their loyalty and stressed the importance of the Asian markets to The Swedish Club’s long term business strategy.