Oriani Hellas announces new partnership with Vsltec for management of technical services on board


Oriani Hellas, a leading digital transformation consultant in the maritime industry, is proud to announce its partnership with Vsltec, an innovative online solution for connecting shipping companies with technical service providers globally.

Every vessel has multiple requests for technical services in different locations throughout the year, that are outsourced to third parties. Consequently, ship managers are constantly searching for available providers around the world to meet their needs, which is a time-consuming task with many opportunities for optimization.

Vsltec in cooperation with Oriani aims to address these challenges by providing and promoting a streamlined digital marketplace to help the shipping company find suitable, qualified service providers in the most efficient way. Vsltec’s platform gives access to:

– A Powerful Search Engine: Users can easily locate service providers at any port and on any given date through a robust search engine. Multiple searches in different ports and dates for the same case are also available.

– Verified Service Providers: A vast pool of verified service providers is available, each with detailed profiles, enhancing trust and confidence in the booking process.
– Negotiation System: The system facilitates direct negotiation with service providers to ensure the process’s competitiveness.
– Comparison Tool: A tool that allows users to benchmark service providers either at the same or on different ports and dates.
– Communication Channel: The integrated communication channel functionality enables real-time communication between users and service providers, ensuring seamless flow of information.

By working together, the technical expertise of Vsltec will provide a quality user experience, while Oriani will ensure the marketplace is filled with engaged users from both the supplier and buyers’ side, thus providing the necessary shared value to all involved.

Oriana sayss: “Our focus as Oriani is on promoting solutions that truly add value and solve a real burning need within shipping companies. This is captured perfectly by the digital marketplace that Vsltec has created – having identified a clear inefficiency that regularly burdens shore-side personnel, and the unavailability of any usable solution, they drove forward to create a high-quality product built completely with the end users in-mind. Vsltec will offer a breath of fresh air to both the buyers and suppliers by removing the element of the un-known and offering a quick and easy process to reach a successful end result in the most efficient manner possible.”

Vsltec states: “Our platform is a sophisticated marketplace that brings together ship managers and service providers in an efficient, and sustainable way to maximize the value for both parties. The drive to transform the maritime industry and the common values we share is the reason why Oriani is the perfect partner for Vsltec on that journey!”