Online library for hazardous materials in line with new IMO requirements

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An online library of material declarations has been established by DNV in early response to the future requirement for ships to possess an Inventory of Hazardous Materials onboard, as part of the IMO’s new Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Reycling of Ships.

 As material declarations for ship’s structures and equipment will need to be compiled in line with the new requirements, DNV is providing an online database of declarations from manufacturers for easy and instant access, strengthening ship owners’ environmental profiles and establishing a means for maintaining control of the materials used on their ships.

Tor Svensen, COO of DNV Maritime, revealed that “the maritime industry is responding to a growing number of anti-pollution initiatives as it moves towards greater sustainability,” indicating that early measures in compliance with future legislation is of considerable value to the reputation of ship owners.

Providing yards with a single resource for selecting equipment and efficiently preparing inventories while allowing owners to maintain inventories through a vessel’s operational phase, the early compliance with IMO requirements will set standards that will shape the future of shipping’s environmentally-friendly status quo.