OneCare Solutions launches Corporate Wellness Programmes for safeguarding employee health


OneCare Solutions, a leading health and wellbeing platform, announces a new initiative for creating bespoke Corporate Wellness Programs suited to each client. The elements that can be included in a programme, cover multiple approaches to safeguarding employee health and wellbeing, such as 24/7 mental health support, nutrition and healthy living training, and fitness schedules.

OCS also works with technologically sophisticated partners to include in the Corporate Wellness Programs such options as Clinical Decision Support Software from partner Smart Blood Analytics Swiss, and a wellbeing App that integrates healthcare components. Smart Blood Analytics Swiss (SBAS) uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide different clinical decision support software for predicting the most probable diagnoses based solely on an individual’s blood test results.

To mark the launch of the Corporate Wellness Programme offering, OneCare Solutions recently held a weeklong wellbeing event for the leading maritime company, Columbia Group, with activities ranging from screening tests, trainings with fitness instructors, informative sessions with health professionals, exercise programs that can be performed in a work setting, directions for making healthy meals and snacks, and body composition measurements.

Marinos Kokkinis, Managing Director of OneCare Solutions, said: “The range of medical specialists, experts, and activities that go into our Corporate Wellness Programs, enable us to offer company leaders and managers a comprehensive approach to improving wellness throughout their organization. It provides employees with assurance of expert support and guidance for their own wellbeing, which is vital given the pressures on individuals in daily life.”

Expert advice in the recent OneCare Solutions wellbeing week included an endocrinologist speaking about diabetes; a psychologist talking about stress in the workplace; a cardiologist with advice about hypertension; nutritionists speaking about nutrition during menopause a gynecologist who gave advice on menopause and women’s health and wellbeing; and a physiotherapist explaining office ergonomics.

In addition, OneCare Solutions offered snacks and breakfast, complete with their nutrient analysis and a guide on the nutrient synergies that arose from each recipe.

For information about the Corporate Wellness Programs, visit the OneCare Solutions website,