ONE to work with Sony Network Communications Europe on smart container solution


Ocean Network Express (ONE) announces plans to develop and integrate a smart container solution across their global fleet. The development of the smart container solution will be done in collaboration with Sony Network Communications Europe (Sony).

As one of the largest container carriers in the world, this collaboration brings together ONE’s extensive cargo shipping experience with Sony’s expertise in the development and innovation of world-class sensing and connectivity technologies. Sony already offers the Visilion real-time tracking solution for freight units (pictured).

The technology-enabled containers will give ONE greater insights about their container fleet. The data will enable better visibility of the containers, faster and proactive decision making and more, allowing more efficient container movement.

Customers will also stand to benefit from smart container solutions as they will be able to access live updates throughout a shipment’s journey. It will also provide more reliable shipping data for easy, transparent communication with relevant stakeholders.

Hiroki Tsujii, Managing Director, Product & Network, ONE, says: “From its very inception, ONE is a business that believes in the value of collaboration. Now, together with Sony, we are excited to create the future of container shipping. This is a future where we have access to the insights we need to offer our customers a higher quality of service to forge a new standard of process excellence.

“The development of this smart container solution will combine the very best from experts in our respective fields. Our joint mission will aim to push the limits of what we are capable of with innovative logistics technologies.”

Erik Lund, Head of the Tracking Division, Visilion, Sony Network Communications Europe, says: “We are honoured to collaborate with ONE and dedicated to creating an advanced solution for smart containers. The real-time insights gained across ONE’s fleet will allow them to further optimise their shipping business and in doing so, improve customer service. We look forward to working together and creating the future of logistics.”