ONE and University of Tokyo partner to establish Social Cooperation Program ‘Container Management Science’


Ocean Network Express (ONE) is pleased to announce the launch of a Social Cooperation Program, “Container Management Science” in collaboration with the School of Engineering at The University of Tokyo, commencing April 2024.

The move marks a significant step towards addressing the increasingly complex and diverse challenges facing the modern container shipping industry from a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective, points out ONE.

The program will bring together experts from various academic fields, with the aim of fostering long-term, industry-academia collaborations to develop sustainable and future-oriented container shipping.

Social Cooperation Programs serve as a collaborative platform that enables private companies, research institutions, and universities to work together on common issues of public interest, leveraging their respective expertise and insights.

The container shipping industry faces many challenges that need to be addressed, says ONE. Global supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent geopolitical developments have brought to light container shipping’s critical role and its inherent risks.

Developing a resilient supply chain that can reliably support people’s lives and corporate economic activities is a pressing issue, as well as improving and enhancing the operation of vessels and container equipment. It is also crucial to keep reducing the environmental impact of shipping while addressing ESG management principles, and to nurture the next generation of talent who will carry the maritime industry into the future.

By participating in this program, ONE believes it will be able to realise sustainable container transportation by advancing innovation in response to increasingly complex challenges including the economics of container shipping (operational and management optimisation), resilience (risk management, business continuity planning), and decarbonisation.