Oldendorff Carriers drives digital revolution in collaboration with BMT

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Photos for BMT Group by Kirsten Holst.
Photo for BMT Group by Kirsten Holst.

Oldendorff Carriers and BMT SMART (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, have announced a new agreement which has led to the roll out of fleet performance management technology onboard Oldendorff vessels.

Based on BMT’s unique onboard data collection system and bespoke shore-based management solution SMARTFLEET, this collaboration is centred upon driving down the carbon footprint of each vessel and improving the overall efficiency of the fleet.

Christopher Fee, Projects Manager at Oldendorff Carriers, said: “Oldendorff recognised the potential benefits of implementing fleet and vessel performance monitoring. The innovative solutions BMT SMART offer to the maritime industry bring together the traditional practice of good ship operating and the impressive power of big data analytics. This supports our quest to further improve the technical and operational efficiency of our modern fleet of eco-ships.

“The project we are running with BMT acts as a cornerstone of our Green Ship Programme and we are very proud of what we’ve achieved together. The fuel we save through utilising SMARTFLEET in our daily operations not only reflects well on our bottom line, but most importantly, is a huge win for the environment, since less CO2 is emitted per voyage. We believe this truly reflects our commitment to continuously reducing our carbon footprint, and through such types of initiatives, actively supports Oldendorff’s sustainable shipping objectives.”

Oldendorff and BMT recently celebrated the 50th installation onboard the bulk carrier Lily Oldendorff.

Peter Mantel, Managing Director of BMT SMART, said “There is much talk about the digital revolution within the shipping industry; however, there are very few real-life programmes being implemented which truly demonstrate a long-term commitment towards driving change in the way shipping operates.  Only by collaborating closely with Oldendorff can we provide them with a turnkey data management solution that delivers their desired outcomes.”

BMT’s automated analytics proactively highlight areas of concern, whether it is technical or operational, allowing Oldendorff to address these concerns immediately.  In addition, BMT provides in-depth analysis support under a managed fleet performance agreement.