Oceanly Performance introduces TCP & Benchmark Monitoring and Itinerary Planning features in its latest fleet optimisation solution


Oceanly Performance, a frontrunner in the integration of decarbonization and digitalization for the maritime industry, has announced the release of its latest version, 18. This update introduces innovative features, including advanced Time Charter Party (TCP) management and an intuitive Itinerary Planner, designed to optimize fleet performance and operational efficiency.

Oceanly Performance’s commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in its ability to detect inefficiencies, compare vessels, and establish best practices to reduce emissions. The new version further enhances these capabilities, providing the data needed to improve CII ratings and identify the most effective Energy Saving Devices (ESDs) for each vessel.

Efficient navigation of Time Charter Party (TCP) agreements and ship benchmarks is critical for maintaining fleet competitiveness and avoiding disputes. With Oceanly’s latest enhancements, managing TCP calculations and integrating benchmarks has never been more comprehensive. The new features offer advanced monitoring tools and alarms, empowering users to actively manage every aspect of TCP agreements and benchmarks. By leveraging automatic data or AIS combined with weather data, the solution delivers precise performance data for thorough route and performance monitoring.

Managing a fleet’s itinerary is pivotal to operational optimization and the new Itinerary Planner in Oceanly Performance simplifies this task, providing a user-friendly interface to input and monitor ship itineraries. Whether vessels are in port, at sea, or under maintenance, users can track each phase — planned, ongoing, or completed — and link each to a commercial voyage. This enhancement supports informed decision-making by offering detailed Fleet View, Planning, and Ship View functionalities.

“These tools, alongside detailed TCP and Benchmark reports, deliver the insights necessary for strategic adjustments and informed decision-making,” said Ingela Mandl, Director, Sales & Marketing at Oceanly. “With Oceanly, you’re equipped to ensure your fleet not only meets but exceeds charter party expectations, giving you unparalleled control and the foresight to navigate the complexities of charter agreements confidently.”

Oceanly Performance also provides an innovative approach to EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) compliance. Effective from January 1st, the EU-ETS mandates the monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon emissions, placing a price on greenhouse gas emissions from ships. Oceanly Performance offers a seamless pathway for shipping companies to comply with these regulations, empowering them to manage emissions effectively.

In addition to the new TCP and Itinerary Planner features, Oceanly Performance also includes: Automated or Manual Data Collection; Real-time Monitoring; Comprehensive Reporting; Regulatory Updates; and Expert Support.

“Oceanly Performance empowers shipping companies to navigate the complexities of emission management with ease,” added Ms Mandl. “Our solution is designed to support the maritime sector in its journey towards sustainability, providing the tools necessary for compliance and efficiency.”