Ocean Technologies Group launches state-of-the-art online learning platform

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to reduced learning time and an unprecedented mental health crisis meaning seafarers are finding learning more difficult than ever.

That’s according to Manish Singh (pictured), Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Technologies Group, as it today (Thursday) launched its new state-of-the-art Ocean Learning Platform, which offers a transformed learning experience, carefully devised to engage and motivate the learner.

The Ocean Learning Platform is an enterprise level maritime learning management system designed to unite shore-based and onboard training initiatives, online and across mobile devices. It delivers blended learning, assessment and competency management solutions that completely connect e-Learning and hands-on activity to improve knowledge, skills and behavioural development.

Mr Singh said: ““With reduced learning time available, our assessment and learning systems are being retooled so that every user can maximise objectives with increased responsiveness.”

He explained that 2020 had been the most operationally challenging year the maritime community had faced in living memory, and the restrictions and uncertainty of seafarer movement had led to a unprecedented mental health crisis and reduced seafarers time making assessment and learning more difficult than ever.

There new Ocean Learning Platform has been launched with a “seafarer first” philosophy, putting the most important material where it is easier to access. There are also free tools to increase wellbeing among seafarers, working with partners such as ITF and ISWAN and many others.

At its core is a new Ocean Learning Library bringing together materials from across the Group’s  brands which include Videotel and Seagull, with every ship type and trade catered for. Customers will now have access to the most comprehensive, diverse and media-rich blended-learning library available to the maritime sector today.

Upgraded software-enabled features and the introduction of micro-learning and gamified content will further enhance crew engagement encouraging the adoption of personalised and immersive learning sessions.

OTG’s diverse customer base of over 1,400 reputable ship owners, managers, training institutions, administrations and other stakeholders will also be able to combine information and content specific training for their companies and fleets, to complement the Ocean Learning Library. This is now further-enabled through an integrated rapid authoring tool, which allows companies to quickly create customised and trackable e-Learning content on subject areas of critical importance to the company.

Similarly, a pulse survey tool is now available as part of the Ocean Learning Platform, allowing ship managers and crew managers to actively engage with their seafarers on a range of interactive applications like employee experience, safety and operational matters and in-house campaigns. Survey data is then returned from the vessel and online sources providing insight and facilitating data-driven decision making.

There is also a virtual classroom feature where seafarers can not only learn in groups, it can also facilitate virtual briefings and vessel handovers, which is useful in the current climate.

This furthering of possibilities for data insight is also the theme of a new and improved performance appraisal tool added to improve the quality, efficiency, transparency and security of ongoing proficiency and career development.

“We know that learning isn’t just about compliance, it’s about enhanced proficiency , it’s about developing those critical skills and proven decision-making and ultimately it’s about maximising the learning experience,” said Chief Product Officer Caspar Atkinson.

One of the first companies to sign an agreement with the Ocean Technologies Group to implement the Ocean Learning Platform is Wallem

Wallem’s 7,000 seafarers will access training content onboard and ashore, track their progress and follow designated learning paths.

Implementing the platform is the next step in Wallem’s strategy to deliver the highest level of safety and quality operations. It also expands Wallem’s commitment to support the next generation of seafarers by broadening access to some of the best learning content available, going beyond compliance and defining personalized training and career progression plans.

John-Kaare Aune, interim CEO, Wallem Group, said: “We want to make sure training and development of our seafarers do not take a back seat in this time of increased demand and change. We need tools to accelerate the time-to-competence for our seafarers.”

Yvette de Klerk, Head of Training, Ship Management, Wallem Group, commented: “The Ocean Learning Platform enables us to proactively close training gaps and increase training effectiveness, which in return will strengthen our safety culture. Simultaneously, the trainers at Wallem will benefit from the automated processes, training data analysis and ability to track crew achievements online.”

Manish Singh commented: “We are delighted that Wallem has chosen to strengthen its partnership with us, being amongst the first customers to sign up to our new best of breed learning platform. As a progressive ship management company with a diverse fleet and global training initiatives across ship and shore, Wallem is ideally placed to take advantage of the comprehensive new features and services we now offer.”

“We are particularly excited to introduce the platform to Wallem’s 7,000 seafarers and to deliver them a new level of learning experience that will help them to stay safe and achieve their career goals.”