NSB invests 600,000 Euros in new ship‐handling simulator


The maritime service company NSB GROUP has assigned Wärtsilä with the technical up‐ grade of the simulator of its NSBacademy. Since 2007 NSB is training Nautical Officers in its own Maritime Training Centre. The retrofit for the technical update began in June and is expected to last three months.

The NSBacademy has two ship‐handling simulators with a field of view of 270° and 180° respectively. Both units are being completely overhauled. The new Wärtsilä Simula‐ tors will include the new version of Navi‐Trainer professional simulation software, the latest NACOS PLATINUM Bridge systems (including multi‐pilot workstation for ECDIS, radar and conning applications) combined with high‐performance visualisation system and modern IBID (Interactive Bridge Information Display) technology, a 55‐inch voyage planning table connected to the main bridge, video and audio recording and playback system and a new sound system.

“We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to officer education and training through this investment in our NSBacademy,” says NSB CEO Tim Ponath. “This upgrade will help us practice `what‐if’ scenarios to meet our high standards in shipping and our ability to respond and improve in a very personalised way to meet the needs of our customers. The simulator makes it possible to connect different training centres in a way that has never been done be‐ fore. After the first opening in 2007, we now again have a sophisticated stand‐alone training facility.”

“The skills shortage is a real issue facing the maritime industry today. Since COVID‐19, many have left the industry and new recruits are not coming in fast enough to replace them. It’s clear we need to be able to get mariners up to speed quickly and ensure they undergo ro‐ bust training to maintain high standards,” said Johan Ekvall, Head of Product Simulation & Training, Wärtsilä. “NSB Group does great work in bridging this gap and delivering enriching training programmes to students across shipping.”

Evgeny Vdovin, Director, Port Optimisation and Simulation, Wärtsilä added: “It’s exactly for this reason that we, at Wärtsilä, are pleased to support NSB Group with their commitment to safety, training and education by providing the vital technology that is helping to shape the crews of tomorrow.”

The new simulator has a DNV Standard 0029 for Maritime Training Centres. It can be connected online for training with other training facilities around the world, for example with training partner in the Philippines. Morten Magnil, Trainer at NSBacademy says: “Within the same mission the participants can take part in one scenario from different locations and in different roles, e.g. as tug boat operator. This enables us to make real‐time training sessions possible.”

In addition to the nautical‐technical knowledge, this also trains communication with each other ‐ on the bridge as well as with different players in the connected simulators.

The NSBacademy uses the simulator for the further training of officers, for briefings and familiarisation as well as before promotions, for example to captains. The courses are aimed at both NSB maritime personnel and officers from other companies.

The simulator is located in a signature building on the premises of NSB, which also houses other seminar rooms, the NSB travel office and the NSB canteen, which also caters the trainees of NSBacademy.