Nor-Shipping 2009 tops record levels

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This year’s Nor-Shipping boasted record numbers of both visitors and exhibitors in direct paradox to the economic meltdown experienced across the shipping industry, with the exhibition proving the largest in the event’s history.

A staggering total of 15,999 visitors came to the exhibition venue during the four day period alongside a total of 17,780 exhibitor representatives; a considerable 15% increase in the number of Nor-Shipping delegates compared to 2007.

Tollef Schiander, Director for Nor-Shipping, said: “We believed that the market downturn would lead the maritime industry to think again how it reaches out to the market. Companies concentrate their resources on those activities and marketplaces that get results. This year’s Nor-Shipping was more popular than ever. In a time of crisis, the market came here to rally.”

Having been in action since 1967, Nor-Shipping has a solid background of global maritime notoriety, and this year’s event saw an incredible 1105 exhibitors from 52 countries. By comparison, Nor-Shipping 2007, which took place in the midst of a market boom, had 830 exhibitors from 42 countries.

A vast plethora of conferences led by the most influential names in shipping broached the major challenges faced by the industry today, with climate change, financial stability and future manpower topping the topics, and a host of social events allowed for an unrivalled networking opportunity for industry professionals across the board.