Newyonder’s streaming service rockets to 500 curated titles


Newyonder, the rapidly expanding “Patagonia of Media”, a curated global streaming service that takes you on a journey across every corner of the globe, all from your own sofa, rockets to 500 curated titles.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have reached this milestone as we passionately believe that it’s through the power of stories that people truly make sense of the world, and the greater we understand it, the more likely we are to preserve it,” said Jon Cleave, Founder and CEO of Newyonder.

Newyonder’s catalogue of award-winning, awe-inspiring and original titles, takes worldwide subscribers across every corner of the globe, galvanising viewers with stories about our incredible home planet narrated, or presented by, prominent personalities with aligned values – Morgan Freeman, Ryan Reynolds, Ewan McGregor, Autumn Peltier and Javier Bardem, to name a few. With the focus on our planet, Newyonder’s catalogue of content ranges from oceans to mountain peaks, from the arctics to the tropics, from adventure to family, from indigenous stories to mental wellbeing, from natural history to drama, from surf to cycle, from earth to out of this world.

“Given that the average consumer spends over 10 minutes deciding what to watch on generalist streamers, we feel there is a real need to liberate viewers from endless scrolling. We move the conscious cinephile and adventurer from passive engagement to inspirational experiences using the power of story. Our subscribers want to be part of positive change, so we donate 5 per cent of streaming sales towards regenerative impact projects, putting the subscriber and the community in control of our planet’s future”, added Cleave.

Newyonder, a multi award-winning business, Certified B Corp® and sustainable film production company in its own right, is currently raising its Seed round to scale the business, team and streaming service to new heights and is seeking investors who share their like-minded vision in the exciting growth of the company’s next chapter.