New Wellbeing at sea main guide and pocketbook now published

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Wellbeing at sea: a guide for organisations has been written for those who are responsible for health and safety at sea. It’s an essential guide for all managers and duty holders in shipping companies who want to effect positive change in their working environment.

In todays’ current climate, wellbeing has become a joint responsibility between employer and employee, however there are limits to what seafarers can achieve onboard. It’s up to the company to create an environment and culture that keep their crew healthy and safe. Investing in the well-being of their workforce, will help improve health and increase productivity.

Recognising that little guidance existed to support this important matter, a stakeholder group of like-minded shipping organisations was formed to structure and develop this title. The need to have such guidance in the maritime industry was emphatic and provided the motivation and basis to develop this title and the accompanying pocketbook for seafarers.

Topics have been selected including managing organisational culture at sea, as well as covering major physical and mental health issues, for example, obesity, depression and anxiety, diet, hydration, tiredness and fatigue, managing climate conditions, drug use, fitness, relationships, sexuality and the law, bullying and harassment.

To accompany this guidance for organisations, Wellbeing at sea: a pocket guide for seafarers, has also been created to directly address practical issues that seafarers face at sea. Written simply and full of bulleted lists and graphics, this guidance offers solutions to promote physical and mental health at sea.

Head of Seafarer Safety and Health at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Julie Carlton said:

“It’s vital that people are kept healthy and safe at sea, and the guidance gives employers a great overview of the various ways in which they can support their staff and invest in their wellbeing.

The pocketbook gives seafarers at-a-glance guidance on how to deal with issues they may face at sea and promotes good physical and mental health.”

We hope that these titles will be accepted by maritime organisations and provide practical guidance for all those who live and work at sea.