New type specific ECDIS release from Seagull


TokyoKeikiMaritime training provider Seagull has announced the release of its latest equipment specific ECDIS training module for Tokyo Keiki ECDIS.

Developed in close cooperation with Tokyo Keiki, one of the major ECDIS manufacturers, this latest addition to Seagull’s range of type specific ECDIS training modules is designed to provide navigators with equipment specific familiarisation training for the Tokyo Keiki ECDIS EC 7000A and 8000 series ECDIS.

The ECDIS module is aimed at training navigators in the practical use of ECDIS in a safe and efficient manner while satisfying the requirement for equipment specific ECDIS training. A Distance Course is available for those who wish to receive a diploma for equipment specific training.

Mr T Maeda, Manager, International Marketing Group, said: “We are very satisfied working together with Seagull on developing a modern solution for familiarization training to our latest ECDIS models. This will help our customers, ship owners and managers to ensure all Navigators joining the vessel can receive efficient introduction training to our ECDIS systems. We appreciate the technical solution from Seagull enabling this training module to be used both onboard vessels as well as online”

Main objectives of the module are that the learner is able to recognise the menu structure, the operation and functions of the ECDIS and identify the settings on a chart display, to state the meaning of common alarms, the process of managing charts and licenses and how failure diagnosis can be performed, to identify route planning and route monitoring methods and to recognise a backup ECDIS arrangement.

“One of the challenges the industry faces is the multiple number of ECDIS systems and types available in the market and the new requirement for type-specific training. In order to assist our customers, Seagull has developed ECDIS type-specific training,” said Roger Ringstad, Managing Director, Seagull.

On approval of the Distance Course assignment Seagull will issue a course diploma stating: ‘This Distance Course has been approved by Tokyo Keiki as product-specific training for Tokyo Keiki EC 7000A and 8000 series ECDIS.”