Breakthrough solution provides one-stop-shop to manage vessel performance


A new maritime performance solution, OneLink, has been launched, combining several revolutionary performance platforms under one umbrella, helping maritime operators manage the intricacies of vessel performance.

Operators who previously had to utilise numerous different services to get all the information they needed to optimise vessel performance and manage emissions regulations can now turn to the OneLink platform. Through the consolidation of service providers and innovative integration of systems, OneLink is able to provide an unmatched service offering, surpassing any contender.

OneLink was created after recognising that the buying of various services frequently led to data duplication and imposed extra workload for the ship and crew. It enables operators to manage all the complexities of maritime performance and ever-changing emissions and MARPOL requirements in one simple solution, and also ensures they can be future-ready for any new requirements and developments coming into the industry.

OneLink’s state-of-the-art approach incorporates the latest digital tools such as using AR/VR to create digital twins and applying machine learning to solve performance issues by predicting hull and engine health. As an aggregator of new and existing services, OneLink starts with a vessel portfolio of more than 900 vessels ranging from gas carriers to offshore platforms and has already secured a leading maritime ship manager, Columbia Shipmanagement, as an early adopter.

OneLink incorporates the following maritime performance platforms: POCR – Vessel Performance: A one of its kind ISO 9001 certified performance centre located in Cyprus, India and Philippines. Operating 24/7/365 with experienced seafarers monitoring vessels in real time and Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimise all aspects of navigational, operations, and commercial performance via a state-of-the-art digital platform.

Bunker-Link: Decision support tool utilising an AI-based pricing algorithm to help charterers, owners, and operators optimise bunker life cycle from purchase planning to consumption and emissions. Customers also benefit from a bunker concierge service where traders and a 24/7 operations team closely monitor all activities from RFQ to supply to post-delivery events such as testing and claims.

Route-Link: A routing service, focused on advising the best route for a vessel, based on factors such as weather forecasts, ship characteristics, ocean currents and special cargo requirements. The service offers support 24/7 365 days a year through an experienced team of ex-seafarers.

Oceanly: Next-generation approach to vessel automation that provides a holistic view across heterogeneous fleets, including old and new vessels with varying degrees of digital equipment.

Emission-Link: Comprehensive fuel and emissions monitoring system to provide information regarding IMODCS/MRV/CXII needs and readiness for EU ETS reporting, GHG and other relevant requirements. Powered by advanced forecasting systems, operators benefit from predictive emissions with capability to simulate multiple long-term scenarios.

Engine-Link: Unique app which provides owners with crucial insight into engine room operations and uses engine room data for optimal machinery health by monitoring vessel KPIs. It transforms the workload of TSIs and Chief Engineers.

Lube-Link: Streamlined lubricant management solution delivering operational expertise and unparalleled access to a diverse range of high-quality lubricants at competitive prices, through single interface reporting.

Ariva 360: Innovative gamified VR application to help crew and officers familiarise themselves with specific safety and technical features found on the vessel. A seafarer training programme, which is delivered online, using AR/VR and real-world situations.

IoT-Link: Monitoring tool using state-of-the-art smart cameras, wireless vibration and temperature sensors on the vessel to reduce breakdowns and improve equipment functionality and reliability.

OneLink is a fully customisable platform providing clients with a modular offering. It integrates easily into an operator’s current systems and is fully adaptable to the equipment available on board. Data protection and security is guaranteed and OneLink can be set up quickly with minimal cost.