New generation takes over at Exmar


Listed Belgian shipowner Exmar, specialist in gas transport and storage, sets a strategic milestone as Carl-Antoine Saverys will be the new CEO, taking over from Francis Mottrie who will stay on board as COO.

Carl-Antoine Saverys (pictured) will take over formally as CEO from 1 January 2024. After assuming various roles in the shipping industry, he has made an invaluable contribution to the company over the past six years in his deputy roles at EXMAR’s infrastructure department and thereafter at the shipping department. Joining him at the executive top level are newly appointed CFO, Hadrien Bown, and Executive Director Infrastructure, Jonathan Raes, member of the Executive Committee since 2018.

Francis Mottrie will assume a supporting role as COO from 1 January, alongside Jens Ismar, Director Shipping. Both remain on board of EXMAR’s Executive Committee to support the transition.

Nicolas Saverys commented: “Francis led a full transition of the company since 2020 and managed EXMAR towards great achievements, putting the company in an excellent position to tackle future opportunities with a strong balance sheet. I would like to express my thanks to Francis for his consistent guidance and leadership.”

“As executive chairman I give my full support to my son Carl-Antoine and the team (Francis, Jens, Jonathan and Hadrien). Together they make an energetic executive team and we have full confidence in their ability to build and grow the company further. It’s an exciting time for EXMAR.”

Francis Mottrie says the timing of the transition is excellent. “It has been one of my core objectives to create an organisation that values the development of talent. It’s an exciting change and I am very proud to hand over the wheel to Carl-Antoine. It’s a positive move for all stakeholders, our employees especially, and they have my full cooperation.”

Carl-Antoine Saverys stated: “With the upcoming global challenges, EXMAR is perfectly positioned to play a major role in the further optimisation of the energy value chain. The team will continue to grow EXMAR as a key player in the transportation and transformation of gasses through state-of-the-art assets.”

EXMAR is a provider of floating solutions for the operation, transportation and transformation of gas and has a fleet of more than 40 gas carriers and floating gas terminals. EXMAR creates economically viable and sustainable energy value chains in long-term alliances with first-class business partners. Being the world’s largest independent transporter of ammonia and building upon the experience and knowledge gained from more than 4 decades of gas shipping.