New generation of RoRo vessels to raise the bar in environmental friendly transport

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csc-jinling-shipyard-dfds-roro-design-by-knud-e-hansen_1Danish operator DFDS recently signed a contract with CSC Jinling Shipyard, China, for two large RoRo vessels.

Independent marine consultancy KNUD E. HANSEN has worked closely with DFDS and CSC Jinling Shipyard over the past four months in order to refine and optimise the concept. The result of these efforts is a new generation of RoRo vessels that will be among the largest in the world and will raise the bar for what is considered environmental friendly.

EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) is a big challenge for RoRo vessels and there has been a strong focus on structural solutions and optimised hydrodynamic capabilities. During the contractual design, a preliminary model test has been performed in order to validate the vessel’s speed/power performance.

The future task for KNUD E. HANSEN is to further develop the design into a Basic Design.