New features added to ClassNK GHG emissions management tool


ClassNK has released new features for its GHG emissions management tool ClassNK ZETA (Zero Emission Transition Accelerator).

ClassNK ZETA is a tool for visualizing CO2 emissions and CII ratings of ships. It provides accurate current status and simulation of CII ratings by linking with ClassNK MRV Portal, which is a compliance supporting system for MRV schemes such as IMO-DCS and EU-MRV regulation.

The following three features are newly released.
• CII benchmark viewer (pictured), where based on the analysis of IMO-DCS and EU-MRV data, users can compare the CII rating of a ship to other similar ships by ‘ship type/size’ and ‘ship age’. It enables them to check the competitive edge of the ship in terms of CII ratings and consider the necessity for actions.
• CII simulation of this year, where users can simulate how the CII rating of a ship would change in a given year if it is operated with altered speed or other parameters. This will be useful in making an operation plan for the ship to achieve a targeted CII rating.

• Performance Table powered by NAPA (Optional) where referring to up-to-date estimated value on each ship’s performance calculated by NAPA, users can check ship speed and fuel consumption for different engine outputs under various weather, sea and loading conditions. It supports appropriate planning for ship operations, hull cleaning, etc.
ClassNK notes that requirements related to CO2/GHG emissions from ships are expected to continue to expand from both regulatory and private frameworks, including EU-ETS, BIMCO CII operations clause for time charter parties, and life cycle (Well-to-Wake) GHG emissions for fuel. On top of adding new features to ClassNK ZETA for addressing these requirements, ClassNK will continue to strive to enhance tools to support GHG emissions management.