New Expo Centre means Posidonia could return to Piraeus


Posidonia could be winging its way back to Piraeus after the port authority signed a €90 million agreement with a consortium of local investors and real estate developers and construction companies to build a new Expo Centre in the Palataki area of the port zone of Piraeus.

Under the terms of the agreement, the consortium, named AEAS, will build and operate the new Expo Centre. The projects will be funded by the private companies, which will have exclusive earning rights for a period of 25 years. The Piraeus Port Authority will receive an annual amount of at least €2.5m as soon as the new centre opens its doors. The total earnings for PPA for the whole 25 year period are estimated at about €99m..

The new center will provide 34,000 sq metres of space, parking space of 36,000 sq m, roof garden, offices, as well as shops and restaurants. The main goal of the developers will be to have the facility ready by June 2010, when the next Posidonia will take place. Many stakeholders of the Hellenic maritime community have called for the return of Posidonia to their natural venue, which is the port of Piraeus, but organisers might be reluctant to head back, given that the timeframe is particularly limited.

Furthermore, planning for the next Posidonia has already began, something which means that exhibitors will need to know approximately the available space they will be given, as well as its positioning in the exhibition. This is impossible to be provided for the new Expo Centre, since no actual works have taken place yet