New authority delegated to RS by the Maritime Administration of the Hellenic Republic

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Paper boats in different colorsA new agreement governing the delegation of authority for statutory surveys of ships flying the Greek flag and shipping companies was signed between the Ministry of Shipping, Maritime Affairs and the Aegean (Maritime Administration) of the Hellenic Republic and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS). The new agreement superseded the previous one of 2009.

The additions and amendments to the text of the new agreement are mainly related to the provisions of the national legislation of Greece and expanding the RS authority, particularly in respect of special-purpose ships, passenger coastal ships, fishing vessels coming under the EU Directive 97/70/EC, ballast water and sediment management as well as a number of documents stipulated by the applicable national instruments of the Hellenic Republic.

Until 31st December 2014, authorisation agreements between maritime administrations and recognised organizations were concluded on the basis of IMO Resolutions А.739 (18) “Guidelines for the Authorization of Organizations Acting on Behalf of the Administration” and А.789 (19) “Specifications on the Survey and Certification Functions of Recognized Organizations Acting on Behalf of the Administration”. From 1st January 2015, the conclusion of such agreements is regulated by the Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code) adopted by the IMO Resolution MSC.349 (92). The Code supersedes Resolutions А.739 (18) and А.789 (19).

At present, RS is recognised by the maritime administrations of 70 flag states, among these 16 EU members.