Nautical Institute publishes ‘Maritime Security – A Practical Guide for Mariners’


The Nautical Institute has published a new compendium of essential maritime security advice, guidance and insights, ‘Maritime Security – A Practical Guide for Mariners’. It covers a wide range of topics, from a detailed examination of the ISPS Code and its implications to practical advice on key topics, such as cybersecurity, crime at sea and dealing with stowaways and migrants.

The book, which updates and expands the content of three existing texts, is aimed at Masters, CSOs, SSOs and anyone else who is involved with maritime security at any level. Topics covered include threats to seafarers, ships and maritime trade; evolution of maritime security; basic shipboard security procedures; elements and implications of the ISPS Code; cybersecurity; piracy; stowaways, migrants and rescue at sea, and crimes and criminality at sea.

Author and global security expert, Steven Jones AFNI FRSA (pictured), said: “I’ve been very proud to work with The Nautical Institute for almost 20 years on the subject of maritime security. This new and expanded book brings many of the themes that we’ve covered together to try and make the subject more accessible and to provide support and guidance to anyone at sea or ashore who may need it.”

Steven Jones continued: “The book tackles many of the issues that we have previously focused on within maritime security, such as coping with piracy, stowaways at sea and migrants. It also covers other challenges faced by officers such as cybersecurity and criminality at sea, in ports and across the entire supply chain. This has made it a real focal point; a book that can be relied upon to illuminate some of those darker issues within the industry.”

Master Mariner and Maritime Consultant, Dariusz Godźik MNI, adds: “I have learned a great deal from reading this updated and extended edition of ‘Maritime Security’. The book is written in an engaging and accessible way that makes it essential reading for mariners everywhere.”

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