NAPA comment on GMF ambition statement: ‘shipping’s no-brainer’


Mikko Kuosa, CEO of NAPA, is one of the signatories of today’s Global Maritime Forum ambition statement on Operational Efficiency and believes that immediate action on decarbonisation is a no-brainer for the industry; it is necessary, commercially viable and within reach.

“This latest Ambition Statement by the GMF is a powerful reminder that much progress on decarbonisation can be low-risk, high reward, and high impact,” he says. “But to unlock those gains, we need a collective shift in mindsets to fully recognize the value of operational efficiency as an integral part of shipping’s decarbonization transition. In practice, this means making the most of proven technology that is already available to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions today.

“The commitment made today by the 30 signatories of the Ambition Statement sends an important signal that immediate action on decarbonization is both necessary and within reach. Crucially, the bulk of the five actions identified by the GMF, from greater data collection and transparency to contractual changes, are low-hanging fruit that do not require high capital investments in new engines or alternative fuels, or complex regulatory reforms.

“Furthermore, with the latest generation of data analysis and simulation tools, we can model the results of new technologies and efficiency measures even before they are implemented. This gives companies a clear picture of how those systems will impact safety, operations and performance, bringing the certainty needed to support decision-making.

“This emphasizes just how much can be achieved by the industry itself on the path to decarbonization. Shipping has plenty of options in its toolkit to embark on the transition with confidence. The business case is clear; there is no need to wait.

“Reducing GHG emissions is not only something that the maritime industry should do – it is also something that shipping can do already, and in a commercially viable way. Investing in operational efficiency is a no-brainer – it delivers a commercial win and a win for the environment, and is therefore the obvious foundation for decarbonization. From there, our progress as an industry will depend on our capacity to demonstrate collaborative mindsets, knowledge sharing and visionary leadership. Today’s Ambition Statement is a clear example of all three.”