MTN system for Beluga newbuilding

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MTN Satellite Communications has been selected by German heavylift carrier Beluga Shipping to install a broadband VSAT system on its P-class super newbuilding Beluga Shanghai.

Beluga Shanghai has a loading capacity of up to 20,000dwt and crane capacities of between 800 and 1,400 tons.

MTN’s Ku-band network will provide global coverage of the majority of the world’s sea lanes while Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 500 satellite terminals will be used as an alternative satellite connection with automatic switchover when out of position of the Ku-band coverage area.

The software also offers a routeing analysis designed to uncover optimum communication pathways and save on costs. The initial service plan guarantees 128 kbps committed information rates with the option to access higher rates as required.

Niels Stolberg, president and chief executive of Beluga Shipping said: “MTN offered excellent Ku-band coverage with a guarantee of uncontended bandwidth and built-in ability to upgrade to additional bandwidth as needed. MTN has excellent references in integrating high-bandwidth satellite connectivity with shipboard and shore-side IT systems.”

He said Beluga may consider installing the MTN VSAT solution onboard additional vessels.