MT Maritime installs second Hybrid-ready Scrubber System


MT Maritime and MTM Shipmanagement has successfully completed the installation and commissioning of its second Hybrid ready scrubber from PureteQ, on their vessel the MTM NEW YORK

The move follows the successful installation and commissioning of the company’s first Hybrid-ready scrubber system from PureteQ on the MTM NEW ORLEANS two months ago. The second installation was carried out under the continued stewardship of the Shipowner’s representative and Technical Director Mr. Prashant Lokhande, at the same Chengxi Ship Building and Repair yard in China.

Selection criteria for the type and maker specified by Mr. Lokhande heading this pilot project, included minimum installation time, minimum changes if any to the vessels existing structure, energy efficiency and evolved design, an efficient and robust control system requiring minimum human intervention, real time remote access and analysis system, a cost-effective worldwide service and spares network. Since installation of a scrubber represents considerable investment, quality is of paramount importance, as the scrubber is expected to outlast the life of the vessel.

Also, the system design needed to be suitable for upgrade to a hybrid/closed-loop system to meet possibly more stringent legislations in future.

Final requirement was a reasonable Capex and minimum in-service Opex cost projected over the first 10 years of the system’s life.

The chosen scrubber from PureteQ fulfilled all the above requirements.

Installation of these scrubber systems will not only reduce fuel costs but also substantially reduce emission of carbon particulate matter and black carbon, also emitting less CO2 well-to-wake as a side benefit. The PureteQ system is partly carbon capture ready and may thus be upgraded later if feasible and infrastructure for captured carbon is made available at major trading ports on a worldwide basis.

While still early days, the first scrubber system installed is performing as intended, and operations have been trouble-free during its initial voyage post installation and commissioning from Indonesia to Brazil. Owners expect the second installation to be as efficient.

Anders Skibdal, CEO of PureteQ, expressed pride in being selected by MTM Shipmanagement and looks forward to possible more retrofits, saying: “We look forward to collaborating with MTM Shipmanagement in the future, not least to help them increase their scrubber fitted ships’ energy efficiency and thereby minimize their carbon footprint.”

MTM says it is committed to the IMO’s decarbonisation goals and has already implemented measures such as voyage optimisation and EPL where required. The company is now analysing other technologies such as wind power, air lubrication systems, Mewis Duct, carbon capture systems, variable frequency drives, and use of biofuels.