MSC Saudi inks Saudi Arabia Railways partnership agreement to streamline intermodal services in region


MSC Saudi has signed a new contract with Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) to increase container volumes between King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam and the Dry Port in Riyadh.

SAR is a specialized company for railways, owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), and built to connect the north of the Kingdom with its eastern and central regions. The company operates the railways and all its facilities and management with the necessary efficiency which accordance with economic operating and international standards in performance and safety.

As a leading company, MSC will contribute to further increasing operational efficiency in collaboration with SAR to provide better rail transport services as well as facilitate the movement of cargo to meet and support the needs of the Saudi market. Additionally, the partnership between MSC and SAR, will not only provide safe and reliable transport solutions, but also will support and showcase the importance of MEDLOG Saudi role in the regional supply chain.

Furthermore, as a part of MSC Saudi’s social and environmental commitments, and following MSC’s aim to lower its carbon footprint and foster the development of resilient supply chains, MSC Saudi signed the contract with SAR as a step towards fulfilling these objectives on both a global and regional level.

Hisham Alansari, MSC Saudi CEO, said: “This strategic contract falls in line with MSC Saudi responsibility to improve and enrich the customer experience through implementing latest digital solutions and services that address the needs of Saudi market. Also, it will support identifying future initiatives between MSC Saudi and SAR to support as much as possible the incoming and outgoing goods movement between Dammam port and Riyadh Dry port through providing best-in-class services.”
In addition, the close relationship and continuous cooperation between MSC Saudi and SAR will contribute to shaping the future of the rail transport and logistics sector as well as contribute to Saudi Arabia’s pivotal role in enabling economic development across the wider region.