MSC announces new office in Tempe Arizona


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has announced plans to open its new MSC Tempe office, expanding the company’s network of locations across the United States.

Located on the Arizona State University (ASU) campus, the construction of the state-of-the-art 777 Tower is set to be completed by Spring of 2024. The 28,302-square-foot space on the 6th floor of the tower will welcome 170 MSC employees, where given the vast Phoenix-metro talent pool, most positions will be filled locally.

Set to provide MSC’s signature customer service and local logistics expertise within the PST time zone, MSC’s new office in Tempe will also benefit from ASU’s diverse alumni network and access to innovative research.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening our latest branch office in Tempe in 2024, welcoming new team members to the MSC family,” said Fabio Santucci, President, MSC USA. “The opening of this new location is a significant step towards establishing a more robust presence in the rapidly expanding West Coast and Gulf regions.

“Furthermore, as we seek to grow our presence in the area, this presents us with an excellent opportunity to strengthen our existing ties with customers in the region.”

The addition of the Tempe office will mark MSC’s 10th office in the United States, including Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Charleston SC, Chicago IL, Costa Mesa CA, Houston TX, Miami FL, New Orleans LA, and its New York headquarters.