MPHRP saddened by death of another seafarer as a victim of piracy

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The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has responded to the latest Pirate Attack as a Vietnam bitumen tanker has been attacked and a crew member murdered.

A Tanker the Vietnam flagged M/T VP Asphalt 2, carrying 2,300 tons of bitumen, with 16 Vietnamese crew members aboard, sailing from Singapore, bound for Go Dau, Vietnam, was attacked by pirates early in the morning of 7th December, 2014.

The seafarers were tied up and the Pirates searched a number of crew cabins and stole personal possessions. The pirates then left the vessel and made their escape.

One of the seafarers was found in his cabin having been shot in the forehead. He was bleeding badly and unconscious. The Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coodination Center (VMRCC) guided the tanker crew in conducting first aid to the wounded, and the Singapore SAR authority sent a helicopter to take the wounded ashore.

One hour after arriving in hospital the 3rd Engineer Mr Tran Duc Dat died from his injuries. The other crew member is receiving treatment.

MPHRP welfare responder Capt Viet Anh informed Programme Director Roy Paul and Welfare Responders in Singapore were asked to respond by visiting the hospital. In Vietnam Capt Anh made contact with the ship owners and the family of the seafarers involved. The company have made arrangements for the family members to visit the hospital in Singapore.

Roy Paul, Programme Director, said: “Again a seafarers life has been unnecessarily taken by brutal criminals and this has caused a great deal of devastation to the seafarers family and his colleagues in the maritime industry. MPHRP will do whatever it can to support those affected and hopes that the authorities will bring the criminals to justice. The attack on M/T VP Asphalt 2 was close to the position where M/V Sunrise was attacked recently on 2th October, 2014 and this needs very intense investigation and a rapid response now they have taken another innocent seafarers life”.

Capt Viet Anh said: ”Just last week I attended a training course organised by MPHRP for welfare responders and I am now using that training to assist the seafarers and families of seafarers affected by Piracy. Any seafarers and families affected are invited to email to share their experiences”