MLE organisers to host networking day


liver_building_and_boatMersey Maritime Group and Shipping Innovation, organisers of this year’s Maritime, Logistics and Energy (MLE) event in Liverpool, are to hold a day of high level networking designed to galvanise interest among all interested parties ahead of the big event in June.

To be held on Thursday 10th April, the networking day will kick off with the Mersey Maritime ‘IFB Hosts’ Event which will bring together all those businesses hosting events during the Maritime, Logistics and Energy (MLE) fortnight. This structured meeting will be held at the Mersey Maritime offices in Birkenhead from 8.30am to 10am and will enable good practice and information exchange among those behind the 35 events so far planned for the two weeks from June 9th to 20th.

According to Chris Shirling-Rooke, Commercial Director at Mersey Maritime Group, this meeting will be an important opportunity for those actively involved in the MLE programme to come together and share the same principles of collaboration, partnership and information exchange.

He said: “Mersey Maritime and Shipping Innovation are coordinating 35 different events under the MLE thematic umbrella. This is very exciting for us all and with so much going on it’s the right time to stop, take a breath and bring together all our main event hosts to present the big picture and allow them to see how it all fits together.”

The day of networking then continues with an invitation-only event for key members of Mersey Maritime, to be held from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Restaurant Bar and Grill, which is located in Liverpool’s business district.

This is an opportunity for the Mersey Maritime and Shipping Innovation teams to chat informally with Mersey Maritime’s most valued members and update them on plans for the MLE programme. It will also be an opportunity for high level members to network with each other.

Mersey Maritime Group currently represents 1700 maritime and maritime-related businesses in Liverpool and the North West and member companies are already looking at how they can maximise their involvement either by holding their own events, sponsoring other events or attending the growing list of conferences, seminars and gala dinners.

Over 250,000 business visitors are expected to descend on the northern UK city of Liverpool to attend the International Festival for Business 2014 – a six-week business jamboree which aims to connect UK businesses into international markets, bringing together the smartest entrepreneurial minds and the best business opportunities.

Further information can be found by clicking on the Maritime, Logistics & Energy events website: