MISC Berhad celebrates naming and delivery of new LNG carrier

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lng-carrierMISC Berhad (“MISC”), the energy related maritime solutions and services provider, today (Friday) held the naming and delivery ceremony of its new LNG carrier, Seri Camellia.

The 150,200 CBM Liquefied Natural Gas carrier is the first in a series of five MOSS-Type LNG carriers ordered from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) by MISC. Upon their delivery, these new LNG Carriers will be chartered to PETRONAS for the next 15 years.

The naming ceremony was graced by the presence of Y Bhg Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, Chairman of PETRONAS and was officiated by his wife and the vessel’s Lady Sponsor, Y Bhg Puan Sri Dato’ Wan Noorlina Wan Hussin at the HHI Shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea.

It is an historic occasion for MISC as Seri Camellia will be part of the new generation of the Seri C Class LNG fleet, comprising MOSS-Type vessels that provide a more robust and superior cargo containment system and ensuring a higher degree of operational flexibility for MISC to operate in harsh meteorological conditions.

Tan Sri Sidek Hassan, Chairman of PETRONAS said: “Today’s naming ceremony of Seri Camellia is a momentous occasion that celebrates PETRONAS’ long collaborative partnership with MISC. As one of the world’s leading players in the production and manufacturing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), it is imperative for PETRONAS to ensure that we are able to deliver safe and reliable supply of energy to power millions of homes around the world.”

“I am proud to note that over the years, we have witnessed MISC’s commitment and reliability in supporting PETRONAS’ business aspirations. I am confident that the delivery of Seri Camellia today will strengthen MISC’s leadership position in the global LNG transportation business,” Tan Sri Sidek added.

“MISC strives to fulfil our role in moving energy to build a better world and in this sense, we will continue to contribute significantly towards developing Maritime Malaysia as well as the global shipping industry. Capacity building is our primary focus to support this agenda, from fostering the dynamic talent of our seafaring professionals to modernising and expanding our fleet of vessels that is aligned with global standards in technology, safety and reliability,” said Yee Yang Chien, President/CEO of MISC.

He added: “The modernisation of our fleet enhances the vessel’s capability in delivering to our customers’ expectations as well as incorporates state-of-the-art and eco-friendly technologies that reinforce our commitment to operate responsibly and care for the maritime environment and operate responsibly. The naming and delivery of Seri Camellia is a major milestone for MISC in our journey towards sustainable LNG shipping and will strengthen our leading position in the global LNG shipping business.”

The new generation of LNG carriers incorporate state-of-the art technologies in various forms including the Integrated Hull Structure (IHS) with four spherical tanks shielded by the continuous cover, which improves the overall structural strength of the hull.

Additional green technology features adopted for these new carriers include energy efficiency, emissions reductions, biodiversity management and end-of-life disposal. These features also include the installation of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for the diesel generator to comply with the latest IMO Tier III requirement and the Ozone Ballast Water Treatment System. The carriers will be powered by an Ultra Stream Turbine (UST) plant, and installed with pre-swirl duct and Propeller Boss Cap Fin (PBCF).

The MOSS-Type newbuilds are part of MISC’s long term fleet expansion programme to cater to the energy transportation needs of PETRONAS. They have been designed for worldwide trading capability to enable them to call at all major LNG terminals in the world.

Upon the completion of its naming ceremony today, Seri Camellia will embark on its maiden voyage from South Korea to Bintulu, Malaysia. Her delivery brings the current number of MISC’s LNG fleet to 26 vessels, further augmenting MISC’s position as a reliable and safe transporter of LNG. The remaining four vessels are currently under construction in South Korea and will be completed on a staggered basis and delivered to MISC in due course.

MISC is one of the world’s largest single owner-operators of LNG vessels and for over three decades, have safely delivered more than 400 million tonnes of LNG.  In 2015, MISC delivered 20.74 million tonnes of LNG, carving 8.3% of the total world LNG trade.

The naming and delivery ceremony today was attended by MISC’s President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yee Yang Chien and the Chairman and CEO of HHI, Choi Kil-Seon as well as management and representatives from PETRONAS, MISC and HHI.