MCTC’s Health & Nutrition Conference

MCTC, the leading international catering and training provider, has embraced the power of online video technology by inviting over 420 delegates to its annual maritime Health & Nutrition Conference.

The event, which is normally held as an in-person event in The Philippines, was staged virtually across a variety of time zones and tackled the important issue of health and nutrition and how lifestyle choices impact us physically and emotionally.

It exposed the psychological impact when one gains weight and also questioned how poor nutrition leads to mental health issues alongside the potential threat of developing chronic disease.

Welcoming delegates from around the world, many of whom were ship galley crews and ships’ officers, Christian Ioannou, MCTC Managing Director, highlighted the importance of good nutrition onboard ship and how we, as individuals, treat it when choosing the food we consume. Delegates also heard about the differing definitions of health and nutrition and how galley crews can achieve high levels of nutrition onboard ship..

Charles Watkins and Sophia Onken, Clinical Psychologists at Mental Health Support Solutions, delivered an illuminating presentation of the addictive aspects of sugar and what it does to our psychological well-being and how sugars and fats influence a person’s emotional state and resilience.

The heady subjects of obesity, healthy eating, poor nutrition and the impact that certain food components such as Zinc, Magnesium and Omega 3 have on our anxiety and depression, were also covered in depth.

The delegates were able to send questions to the speakers during the session and interact with each other as well as the speakers as part on a chat process.

Christian Ioannou added: “It was great to welcome so many of our friends and galley crew colleagues together top discuss these important subjects. Being able to tap into the expertise of MHSS added to the strength of the conference, which informed, educated and entertained the large number of attendees.”

Christian Ioannou, Managing Director, training crew