MCTC welcomes Meastro Shipmanagement

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Global marine catering manager and training provider MCTC has signed a contract with Maestro Shipmanagement to provide all of its catering training needs.

MCTC will provide its full range of catering programmes and co-ordinate the supply and delivery of all its catering provisions. Maestro has embraced the importance of strong crew welfare and is keen to ensure that seafarers onboard their ships are provided with the best possible catering services with healthy living at the heart of its ethos.

MCTC has also been running a Health Wellbeing Workshop onboard some of Maestro’s ships to help educate their crew on the benefits of leading a nutritious lifestyle. The importance of safe food handling and nutrition is something MCTC has focused on during ship visits with Maestro’s crewing and purchasing managers, Marianna Kyriacoudes and Sandra Panayiotou, with particular emphasis on issues such as extending the shelf life of fresh produce by replacing cartons with plastic containers to aid air circulation as well as standardising galley processes. These include daily and weekly cleaning schedule check lists, provision delivery check lists, as well as hand-over reports between Chief Cooks and many more.

Christian Ioannou (pictured), Managing Director, said: “We are looking forward to working with Maestro Shipmanagement over the coming months. Educating crew on the importance of good nutrition is essential. A healthy diet helps to provide the basis for a good and balanced lifestyle.”