MCTC reveals new look as company heads into second decade with excellence, innovation and health & nutrition at its heart


Leading international catering management provider MCTC has revealed a brand-new look for the company as it embarks on its second decade in business with the vision to continue raising the standards of the catering maritime industry.

MCTC is revealing its new-look logo and website, alongside its plans for continuity and strategic growth following a period of significant growth and expansion, as the industry continues to prioritise the health and wellbeing of seafarers.

International company MCTC provides the full spectrum of catering management services to vessels, from recipe planning, ordering provisions, and budgeting, along with a range of catering and nutrition training courses for galley staff. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle with fitness and mental health initiatives.

Although the company is embarking on the next stage of its journey with a brand-new look, its values of innovation, health and nutrition and excellence, remain unchanged. MCTC is continuing with its vision to improve catering standards onboard and offering a holistic approach to its customers through catering management, training, and wellbeing initiatives.

The new logo incorporates colours that represent strength and elegance, with the bold lettering representing stability and unwavering commitment to its customers. Having already been in business for more than 10 years, MCTC has demonstrated its strength in overcoming challenges with determination. The logo also includes a nod to its Greek heritage with use of Greek font for the small M and C lettering.

Building upon its rich experience and expertise, MCTC will continue to expand its service offerings, cater to emerging market needs, and embrace technological advancements. It will ensure it remains a valuable resource for clients, providing them with the latest insights and innovative solutions for their onboard catering needs.

Looking ahead to the future, MCTC Group CEO Christian Ioannou said: “MCTC is delighted to be revealing our new look and exciting plans for the future. Investing in our crews has never been more important in attracting our new generation of seafarers to the industry.

“Over the next five years, industry attitudes towards health and nutrition are expected to undergo significant shifts. With increased awareness about the importance of overall wellbeing, there will be a greater emphasis on preventive healthcare, personalised nutrition plans, and holistic approaches to health. The industry will witness a growing demand for more natural products and sustainable practices. MCTC is well-positioned to capitalise on these trends and cater to the evolving needs of its clients, driving positive change in the maritime industry.”

Sustainability has long been part of MCTC’s vision. With current campaigns including reducing the use of single-use plastics and encouraging crews to introduce invasive species onto their menus, MCTC plans to continue with its green agenda and encourage companies and crews alike to adopt sustainable practices.

As the health sector in the maritime industry continues to flourish and evolve, MCTC anticipates further growth for the company from various sources, including plans to continue strengthening client relationships and deliver exceptional results. It is also looking to tap into new markets by leveraging its expertise and expanding its service portfolio. Additionally, strategic partnerships and collaborations will further contribute to MCTC’s future growth, enabling it to reach new heights.

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