Maritime surveillance system SEAGULL now available in the UK market


BrainCreators, an innovative leader in AI and digital inspection solutions, is excited to announce the availability of its maritime surveillance system, SEAGULL, for use in the United Kingdom. SEAGULL automates vessel monitoring for ports, harbors, coasts, bridges, locks, and waterways. To mark this expansion, BrainCreators is part of the Dutch Trade Mission at London International Shipping Week.

In January 2023, BrainCreators proudly introduced SEAGULL in the Netherlands, an advanced SaaS solution specifically designed for continuous monitoring of ports, harbors, coasts, bridges, locks and waterways. Since its launch, SEAGULL has been successfully rolled-out by its launching customer, Scheveningen Harbour, and is currently being implemented at various other ports and municipalities.

The expansion of SEAGULL to the United Kingdom is a logical step for BrainCreators. The UK experiences significantly higher maritime traffic due to its geographical positioning as an island nation and its prominent role in international trade and shipping. As a result, effectively monitoring all maritime traffic is a complex challenge and effective digital maritime surveillance and monitoring solutions, such as SEAGULL, can therefore play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of shipping activities.

SEAGULL’s capabilities are diverse: it adeptly distinguishes among various ship types, gauges the speed of passing vessels, and meticulously logs entry and exit times. An automatic logbook captures all developments, facilitating comprehensive evaluations and analyses. Via an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, SEAGULL’s technology provides operators with comprehensive insights into maritime activities, encompassing vessel types, dates, times, directions, and speeds. Moreover, the system proactively notifies operators when vessels exceed speed limits or traverse during nighttime hours, thereby augmenting maritime safety.

A notable feature is that SEAGULL also identifies non-AIS (Automatic Identification System) vessel traffic such as ships, boats or other vehicles on the water on which no AIS transponders are installed. These vessels are not visible on AIS tracking systems, which can potentially pose problems in managing maritime traffic and ensuring safe navigation, especially in areas of heavy shipping or complex waterways. In this way, users can better identify trends, distinguish unconventional ship manoeuvres and take appropriate measures to increase efficiency and safety in maritime traffic.

In particular, SEAGULL’s design strictly adheres to relevant privacy laws and guidelines. The data it collects is used solely for monitoring and securing port operations, with strict protocols to prevent unauthorized access and misuse.

Jasper Wognum, CEO and co-founder at BrainCreators, says: “The expansion of SEAGULL into the UK marks a crucial step in our commitment to improve maritime surveillance and security worldwide. The UK’s vibrant maritime ecosystem, shaped by its island status and robust trading operations, demands advanced solutions like SEAGULL to seamlessly monitor and optimize vessel movements. By combining advanced technology with rigorous data analytics, we aim to make navigable waters safer, more efficient and sustainable for all parties involved.”