Maritime Cook Islands boosts China links via tie up with China Classification Society authorisation as Recognised Organisation

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CCS孙立成总裁Maritime Cook Islands (MCI), the international ship registry, has authorised the China Classification Society (CCS) as a Recognised Organisation (RO), to conduct survey and certification of ships flying the Cook Islands flag.

CCS is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and is considered one of the world’s well-regarded, major classification societies. The formal agreement between MCI and CCS will significantly open up opportunities for the Cook Islands Flag in China and will benefit ship owners in the region.

Ship owners in China can now use CCS for all certification services including Load Lines, Safety Construction, Safety Equipment, all MARPOL certificates ISM, ISPS and MLC. This translates essentially into costs savings for ship owners and more importantly, the upholding of the highest certification standards for the promotion and safeguarding of the safety of life and property at sea and for the prevention of pollution to the marine environment.

Founded in 1956, China Classification Society (CCS) is the specialised organization of China to provide classification services. Since then it has grown to become one of the world’s leading classification societies and its highest class notation has been included in the Classification Clauses of the Institute of London Underwriters (ILU) for ship owners to enjoy the preferential treatment in insurance premium.

Up to now, CCS has been authorised by the administrations of more than 36 countries or regions to perform statutory surveys for the ships flying their flags, and recognized by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the European Union (EU), which demonstrates CCS’ qualification and competence to the international community.

Glenn Armstrong, CEO of Maritime Cook Islands, said: “We are extremely pleased and excited to share this now and also to be linked to such an established and well respected organisation.  I am certain that our clients will stand to gain the most from this and we will look forward to continually improve our services and offerings to our ship owners who have chosen to flag their ships with MCI. This is in line with our goal to become a world class flag registry and we anticipate announcing more of such initiatives later in the year.”

CCS Chairman and President, Sun Licheng is also pleased with the tie-up and said: “The Cook Islands Ship Registry is a well-respected ship registry which has a growing book of Chinese ship owners.  We are glad to be partnering with the Maritime Cook Islands. In collaboration with MCI, we will continue to provide better services to the maritime industry and accomplish our historical mission of ensuring safer shipping and cleaner seas.”