Marinfloc wins approval for its Wastewater Treatment System from WinGD


Marinfloc, a pioneer in maritime environmental solutions, proudly announces a pivotal update to its CD EGR system. Following rigorous and extensive tests, we’ve secured approval to treat Exhaust Gas Recirculation bleed off water from WIN-GD engines equipped with iCER systems. Consequently, the CD EGR is transitioning to the Marinfloc WTS (Water Treatment System), a testament to our commitment to superior wastewater treatment in the maritime sector.

Marinfloc says its WTS isn’t a mere product iteration but a significant advancement of the esteemed CD EGR system. The Membrane-Free Innovation sidesteps the pitfalls of expensive, high-maintenance membranes, paving the way for a more sustainable and economical wastewater treatment approach.

The WTS system’s robustness and reliability has now earned the endorsement of industry heavyweight WinGD, Marinfloc adds,further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in maritime environmental solutions.

The WTS system is described as standing out with its unique capability to automatically adjust its overboard discharge capacity in line with water generation, all while consistently supplying the iCER system with treated water. This optimization, managed by the Discharge Control Unit tailored for the WIN GD application, significantly reduces energy consumption and the use of consumables. The result is a system that’s not only cost-effective for shipowners and operators but also minimizes the CO2 footprint.

Martin Gombrii, Managing Director of Marinfloc Sales & Production, states: “We want to do our part in the industry’s endeavor for energy reduction and CO2 emissions, and the adaptability of the WTS is our answer. Most solutions on the market are either turned on or off, meaning the energy consumption is either 0 or 100%. We strive to be at the forefront of this and believe that such adaptable solutions are one of the industry’s paths toward sustainability.”

Marinfloc’s WTS system boasts a state-of-the-art Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Designed with the user in mind, this interface simplifies system monitoring and management, complete with instructional videos and digital guidelines accessible directly in the engine room. Plus, the HMI facilitates remote service and support, ensuring vessels stay connected and receive assistance, no matter their location.

Martin Gombrii, Managing Director of Marinfloc Sales & Production, remarks: “The new approval and rebranding of our WTS Wastewater Treatment System underscore our dedication to leading industry solutions that not only meet but exceed regulatory standards, all while backing sustainability and efficiency.”