Marinfloc delivers combined systems for major methanol-fuelled containerships project in South Korea


Marinfloc of Sweden reports that it has begun delivery of its combined EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) bleed-off and Bilge water separators for a major South Korean newbuilding project. To date, three of a total 12 shipments for the 16,200 TEU methanol-powered vessels have been sent.

ABS, Lloyd’s Register, DNV and MAN Energy Solutions have all approved Marinfloc’s innovative solution, which also complies with IMO’s MEPC.107(49) and MEPC.307(73).

All 12 vessels will be using a MAN B&W 8G95ME-C10.5-LGIM-EGRTC for methanol fuel and will be equipped with a Marinfloc CD5.0 EGR system to treat both the EGR bleed-off water and the bilge water.

The flocculation technology utilized by the Marinfloc’s treatment unit is effective in terms of both treatment efficiency and cost, regardless of the type of fuel utilized. The delivery is the first for methanol-fuelled vessels but several units have been delivered to date with the first vessel in operation since early 2022.