MarinePALS achieves MET certification from ClassNK, a milestone in maritime eLearning excellence


MarinePALS, a leading eLearning company specialising in maritime education, has been awarded Maritime Education and Training (MET) certification from ClassNK.

The certification underlines MarinePAL’s commitment to delivering high-quality eLearning solutions for the maritime industry. This recognition highlights the company’s dedication to excellence, offering comprehensive and accessible modules, delivered on a modern Digital Learning Management platform, that meets the rigorous standards set by a respected classification society, further strengthening its position as a trusted partner in maritime education.

Welcoming the awarding of the MET certification, Capt. Pradeep Chawla (pictured), CEO of MarinePALS, said it demonstrated MarinePALS commitment to high quality training.

“The shipping industry is changing but the growth of the global fleet has placed more pressure on the need to recruit competent and well-trained seafarers. By embracing the latest technology in the way it has, MarinePALS is able to meet the demands of the industry and much more,” he said.

MarinePALS’s eLearning platform offers an extensive array of tools and resources designed to empower maritime professionals in their educational journey. Users can access a dynamic library of interactive training videos, gamified learning experiences, insightful surveys, and even immerse themselves in virtual reality scenarios. This blend of multimedia and experiential learning is complemented by ready access to crucial company manuals, briefings, and circulars, ensuring that learners stay well-versed in industry best practices.

ClassNK is a ship classification society actively engaged in a growing range of ship-related activities and services aimed at contributing to promoting the protection of human life and property at sea as well as protection of the marine environment. ClassNK, is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).