Managers are more selective when it comes to crew competence

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Ship managers are becoming more selective when it comes to employing senior officers and are looking behind the CVs to ensure the candidates are right for the job.

A steadier supply of available officer material has created this shift in thinking. Indeed, according to one prominent manager, unsuitable officers who would have been employed by blue chip shipping companies last year because of the shortage crisis, are unlikely to get employment now.

“The crew shortage has taken a twist,” the manager said. “The numbers are more readily available since the tail end of last year but our filtering system of senior officers has to be more detailed than previously. We have senior officers with very nice CVs but who 18 months previously would not have been employed. So we have to look behind the CV. We can pick and choose more than last year.”

In a separate comment, he also claimed that the financial crisis came at the right time to save the shipping industry from the ravages of the crew shortage. “In the middle of last year the crewing market was in trouble. If the economy hadn’t crashed ships would have ceased to trade because of the lack of crew. I think that during that time, a lot of owners realised they had to pump money into training,” he said.