Management Facilities Group expands fleet

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Karin Orsel, CEO, Management Facilities Group
Karin Orsel, CEO, Management Facilities Group

The Netherlands-based Management Facilities Group (MFG) has seen its fleet grow considerably during the last quarter of 2012, owing to the arrival of five oil/chemicals tankers. The tankers will come under the complete management of Marin Ship Management, a division of MFG and the vessels will sail under the Dutch flag, with their home port being Delfzijl.

Three of the five tankers belong to the Swedish Thun Group, a long-standing business partner of MFG, for which 10 oil/chemicals tankers and seven multi-purpose vessels have already been put in management.

In addition, Thun is looking to invest more in the smaller tanker sector (up to 10,000dwt) and has reached an agreement with Broström on the purchase of the remaining 50% of the shares, making Thun the legal owner of this tanker group.  

Thun will keep the fleet together and intensify its cooperation with MFG, while MFG has confirmed its commitment to consolidating its market position in the tanker segment.

An agreement has also been reached with a new Russian customer; Silverburn Shipping IOM – which has appointed MFG as new fleet manager for two of its chemicals tankers with the possibility of more in the near future. MFG has stated it is not a matter of course for the company to enter into a new customer relationship but is in fact a careful process which is vital to ensure the company’s vision and working principles correspond with those of the customer.

As a result of the arrival of these five tankers, MFG is going to increase its number of employees by 150 seafarers. The number of employees in the office at Farmsum is also going to increase by five.

MFG’s ambition to grow is gaining form and even after this increase in personnel the company will still be looking continuously for qualified seafaring personnel and new employees for a position ashore.

MFG has also confirmed the new tankers will sail under the Dutch flag and in a statement noted: “This is both good for the economy and for the image of the Dutch maritime sector”.

The Swedish Thun Group has ordered two new (multi-purpose) vessels from the Ferus Smit Shipyard. These ships, with building numbers 415 and 416, will be handed over in phases during 2013 and pending the final takeover will be handed over to MFG.