Mainprize Offshore targets efficiency gains with BareFLEET vessel monitoring system


Offshore services provider Mainprize Offshore is rolling out Reygar’s BareFLEET vessel monitoring system across seven of its semi-SWATH crew transfer vessels (CTVs) as it targets increased efficiencies and operational performance gains for its growing fleet.

Following a successful proof-of-concept trial on one vessel, MO6, in October, additional installations are now planned with roll out expected across the new build fleet as they arrive.

BareFLEET will be used to monitor key vessel measurements, including navigational activity, vessel motion sickness and stability during passenger transfers, plus the performance and fuel efficiency of engines and other critical machinery. By centrally collating this performance data in one place, the system provides internal and external reporting efficiencies and ultimately enables more effective, fleet-wide decision making.

Bob Mainprize, Managing Director of Mainprize Offshore, said: “We like to push boundaries constantly in what we do. BareFLEET will enable us to better understand the vessels’ performance when transferring in two metre wave height and over, whilst also managing fuel consumption and ultimately reducing emissions, for more efficient and sustainable offshore operations. It adds value to our fleet and benefits crews, clients and the wider industry.”

BareFLEET, developed by Reygar, is an award-winning fleet remote monitoring system that provides unprecedented levels of insight into fleet fuel use, emissions, machinery health, VMMS motion and navigational activity based on continuous on-board sensor measurements. The solution’s video camera features also allow users to see their CTVs in action whilst pushing on to a wind turbine, with live motion and engine load measurement data overlaid onto the video.

The video camera feature has been especially beneficial to Mainprize Offshore in enabling the company to visibly demonstrate successful push-ons to stakeholders even in rough sea states, thanks to innovative vessel design.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, CEO of Reygar, said: “Offshore energy support vessel operators have invested heavily in sophisticated turbine and transmission technology for their vessels. Now, many are looking to complement those capabilities with a fully digital approach to vessel monitoring for optimised performance and enhanced service value. The value of BareFLEET continues to increase as more data is collected, providing data and trends that translate into unparalleled fleet operations insights.”