Maersk Tankers finalises sale of Small Northwest Europe

Hanne B Sorensen, CEO, Maersk Tankers

Maersk Tankers has finalised the sale of the Small Northwest Europe segment, currently managed by Broström in Gothenburg, to the Swedish Thun Group.

Twelve of the 13 vessels in the segment are already owned 50/50 by Thun and Broström and one is fully owned by Broström, with the fleet comprising 1.7% of Maersk Tankers invested capital.

Hanne B Sørensen, Chief Executive Officer, Maersk Tankers said: “It is part of Maersk Tankers’ strategy to constantly look at how we can optimise our portfolio and our business. We are now in a process of simplifying and streamlining our business, which includes focusing on fewer segments going forward, and this divestment opportunity comes at the right time and under the right conditions. Thun has extensive experience in this segment and we are confident that they will continue running the business successfully. We are passing our customers on to very capable hands.”

Employees currently working in the Small Northwest Europe segment will all be offered positions with Thun in the Gothenburg area and Maersk Tankers said it was working closely with the new owner to support staff in the period of transition.

Anders Källsson, Chief Executive Officer, Erik Thun AB, said: “It is a natural step for Thun to invest further in the small tanker segment by taking over Broström’s 50% share in the vessels. It will keep this fleet together and we will continue to offer high quality service to customers without any interruption. Our cooperation with Broström has been very successful and we are determined to continue running this segment, under the name Thun Tankers, with the highly qualified employees from Broström.”

The divestment has no implications for other segments operated by Maersk Tankers and as announced in August, Broström’s remaining Gothenburg activities will be moved to Copenhagen.

The sale is subject to approval by competition authorities and the parties have agreed not to disclose the terms and conditions of the sale.