Maersk Tankers contemplates moving Broström’s Gothenburg activities to Copenhagen


Maersk Tankers is contemplating moving all Broström’s Gothenburg-based activities to headquarters in Copenhagen. Subject to negotiations with staff and labour unions, the proposed transition is planned to take place during the autumn of 2012 and spring of 2013.

The reorganisation potentially affects 41 Broström employees in Gothenburg. The purpose is to simplify Maersk Tankers’ business and facilitate an even stronger focus on serving customers, by placing all segments in one European location.

Hanne B. Sørensen, CEO Maersk Tankers, said: ”We want to build an organisation that consistently delivers an industry leading value proposition to our customers. To achieve this in today’s tough market conditions, we need to have as lean and efficient an organisation as possible. We have successfully integrated Broström’s business and capabilities with Maersk Tankers and we believe this is the time to take it one step further.”

The proposal is now subject to negotiations with labour unions. The intention is to offer as many Broström employees as possible positions in Copenhagen, but overlaps can potentially result in redundancies. Maersk Tankers will work closely with the Broström staff to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved. Maersk Tankers employs around 3,800 seafarers and 400 people ashore, of which 150 are based in Copenhagen. The company operates in the crude, product and gas segments and manages a fleet of more than 200 vessels. Broström was acquired by Maersk Tankers in 2009.